Dirty Rich Betrayal by Lisa Renee Jones (Dirty Rich #4)

Dirty Rich Betrayal by [Jones, Lisa Renee]3.5 Stars

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa Renee Jones. Dirty Rich Betrayal is the 4th book in the Dirty Rich series. I absolutely flew through Dirty Rich Obsession and expected the same from this book.

This is my least favorite of the series so far.  I loved Grayson in Dirty Rich Obsession, but it was hard for me to connect with him + Mia because I felt like I was playing catch-up with their relationship. There was so much in their past that I had missed and having it slowly hashed out didn’t work well for me. That being said, there was definite passion, and that could be felt from the start. They grew on me as a couple and by the end, I was completely in their corner.

One thing I did love about this book was catching up with Walker Security. It felt like a nice little prize when they showed up.

While reading I was really intrigued by Eric. I was hoping he would get his own book, so when I read at the end that he was not only getting 1 book but 2?!!!!! I want those books in my hands NOW!


I received an advance reader copy of this book that I have chosen to review.

Grayson Bennett.

He’s a billionaire, a lawyer, the king of the world to some. A professed lifelong bachelor. A man
who took his father’s business and fortune and turned marginal success into an empire. Now
someone is threatening that empire and he’s going to burn them to the ground. But he’ll need
the help of one person. He’ll need her.

That woman is Mia Cavanaugh, criminal attorney, ex-lover, a woman who believes he betrayed
her, a woman who could burn him to the ground, but she won’t. Because she loves him.
Because he loves her, and it’s time that she sees the truth of the past.
Now, he’s handing her the key to his future. He’s giving her the chance to burn him to the
ground. He’s letting her see the real man beneath the surface that not even she’s seen in the
past. She has to decide what to do with that man. Love him or destroy him.
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He kisses me, a quick brush of lips over lips. “I need you naked. I need to feel you next to me.”
He rolls me to my back and with that “for now” in the air, he moves and resettles with his lips
to my stomach and this is not an accidental connection. My heart squeezes with the certainty
that he’s reminding me of how many times he told me he wanted a little girl just like me. It
affects me. We had so many plans. We were best friends. We were so many things that
happened so very quickly and easily, and then it was gone.
He pulls down my pants, and all too quickly my sneakers and everything else are gone. I’m
naked and not just my body. I am so very naked with this man and always have been. But as for
my body, I’m not alone for long. He strips away his clothes, and I lift to my elbows to admire all
that sinewy, perfect muscle before he reaches down, grabs my legs and pulls me to him. The
minute my backside is on the edge of the bed, he goes down on a knee. I sit up and cup his face.
“Not now. Now I need—I need—”
He cups my head and pulls my mouth to his, kissing me with a long stroke of his tongue before
he says, “And I need to taste you.”
“Not now. I’m not leaving. We have time. I need—you. Here with me.”
His eyes soften but he still leans in and licks my clit, and then suckles. I’m all but undone by the
sensation because one thing I know and know well is how good this man is with his tongue. But
he doesn’t ignore my request. He pushes off the floor, and in a heartbeat, he’s kissing me and I
don’t even know how we end up in the center of the bed, our naked bodies entwined. We just
are and it’s wonderful and right in ways nothing has been in so very long.
He lifts my leg to his thigh and presses his thick erection inside me, filling me in ways that go
beyond our bodies; driving deep, his hand on my backside, pulling me into him, pushing into
me, but then we don’t move. Then we just lay there, intimately connected, lost in the moment
and each other. “Is this what you wanted?”
“Yes,” I say. “This is what I wanted.”
“I didn’t think I’d ever have you here, like this, with me again.”
“Me either,” I whisper, my fingers curling on his jaw. “Grayson,” I say for no reason other than I
need his name on my lips. I need everything with this man.
He kisses me, a fast, deep, passionate kiss. “I missed the hell out of you, Mia. So fucking much. I
don’t think you really understand how much.”
This moment, right here, right now, is one of our raw, honest, perfect moments that has always
made his betrayal hard to accept. I need that honesty in my life and with him and I don’t even
think about denying him my truth. “I missed you, too. More than you know,
He squeezes my backside and drives into me again. I pant with the sensations that rip through
my body, my hand going to his shoulder. “Nothing was right without you,” he says. “Nothing,
Mia.” He kisses me, and I sink into the connection, pressing into him, into his thrust, into the
hard warmth of his entire body. Needing to be close. Needing the things that separated us not
to exist.
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly
acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.
In addition to the success of Lisa’s INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles.
The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spentseveral months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is
also the author of the bestselling WHITE LIES and LILAH LOVE series.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by
The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women’s Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was
listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.