How to Be a Scientist by Steve Mould

How to Be a Scientist5 Stars

We LOVE this book!! Seriously. I have 2 boys and we tried a few experiments in this book when I got a copy from NetGalley but then the book expired and my kids were bummed.

Kids bummed over a science book? This book earned itself a permanent spot on our bookshelves. We haven’t done a ton of experiments, but we do pull it out every couple of weeks and try something. What love about this book is that most of the experiments are easy to do with items we already have around the house. So many times we’ve wanted to do experiments we’ve seen in other books or online only to find that we didn’t have all the ingredients or items needed.  Then the excitement over the experiment waned, and I would never go buy the missing items. With this book most of the experiments use things around the house or that most people already have in their homes. It makes it super easy to go from idea to execution.  This is easily THE BEST science experiment book we own.

Get HOW TO BE A SCIENTIST Here – (Hardcover)

I received an advance reader copy of this book that I have chosen to review.


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