Love My Way by Kate Sterritt

5 Stars

THE TEARS! I wasn’t expecting a sobfest when I picked this book up. I picked it because the cover was so pretty. I think it is quite possibly one of my favorite covers EVER. I expected wanderlust with a bit of a love triangle. Despite the blurb, I expected a pretty light read.

This book devastated me. I spent the morning reading. I couldn’t put it down, and then when the tears started they were unexpected. They kept coming and before long I was a blubbering mess. I don’t enjoy crying. In fact, I can say with conviction that I absolutely hate crying. Despite this, this won’t be my last Kate Sterritt book. She was unexpected, but in the best way possible. I expected and wanted a light read, but instead I got my heart turned inside out. I still can’t believe she was able to wring that much emotion out of me that quickly. I am impressed.

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I received an advance reader copy of this book that I have chosen to review.

Title: Love My Way
Author: Kate Sterritt
Genre: Romance/Women’s Fiction
Release Date: May 31, 2017
Her name is Emerson
Hart and she is the love of his life.
Unfortunately, he’s
not the only love of hers.
And therein lies the
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Author Bio
Kate Sterritt lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband,
three young sons and highly energetic German Shorthaired Pointer puppy.
When she’s not madly juggling the logistics of soccer
trainings, play dates and volunteering at the school, she can be found at her
laptop, writing the types of novels she loves to read. Her characters are
inspired by her own experiences, blended with her imagination and a healthy
dose of wishful thinking.
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