Kid by Marie James (Cerberus MC #2)

5 Stars

I was skeptical when I started this series. I love Marie James, but I’m not always the biggest fan of MC romances. This is not your normal motorcycle club. These guys aren’t needlessly violent and breaking the law. These are military vets that rescue women that have been abducted and thrust into the nefarious world of sex trafficking. There are still club women and parties, but these are all around good guys.

Khloe is young and broken. She’s lived a hard life that just keeps getting harder. She’s hit rock bottom when Kid comes into her life. I’ve liked Kid in the previous books, but I fell I fell in love with him in Kid. I loved the way he loved Khloe and his self imposed “not until she’s 18” rule was chivalrous for a self-proclaimed man-whore. This book is not without its heartbreaking moments and you will gasp, and say “NO!” and probably throw your Kindle. Just a fair warning. It happens.

I’ve loved diving into these books so far, and can’t wait to start reading Shadow. Marie James has a fan for life.

Buy KID Here – (Kindle) <— Also available on Kindle Unlimited

If you haven’t started this series yet, start with the first one. Kincaid is free for a limited time, and also on Kindle Unlimited so you really have no excuse. You can read my original review here. While these are standalones, you will love how they build on each other.

Buy KINCAID Here – (Kindle) <— Also available on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve received advance review copies of these books that I have chosen to review.



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