Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen

4 Stars


Gone Without a Trace is definitely outside my usual genres, but I read the blurb and I NEEDED this book. I instantly imagined myself in her shoes, and thought, “I would go crazy.” I had to see what happened.

This was a definite ride.

A large part of this book felt familiar because it is so similar to the reaction I would have in the same situation. If any significant person in my life disappeared in such a way, I wouldn’t be able to “just let it go”. I would NEED answers, and I wouldn’t rest until I knew what happened. My work would suffer. My relationships would suffer. People would think I was crazy.
I connected to that aspect of it.
The further you get into this book, the harder it is to sympathize with any of the characters.
The ending goes quickly, and gets crazy. (Or crazier?) It felt a little disconnected from the rest of the story.
The truth is revealed and it isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Gone Without a Trace releases today.

Buy GONE WITHOUT A TRACE Here – (Kindle)

Buy GONE WITHOUT A TRACE Here – (Hardcover)

Buy GONE WITHOUT A TRACE Here – (Paperback)

I received an advance review copy of this book that I have chosen to review.


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