Stealing Mr. Right (Penelope Blue #1)

4 Stars

This was a seriously fun, lighthearted romp. It made me smile throughout and I didn’t want it to end. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a “romantic comedy” and it made me want to go find more books like this. This is a perfect summer beach read and I’ll be looking out for more Tamara Morgan, that is for sure.

The only problem I think some people may have with this book is that it’s told in alternating timelines. The chapters alternate between present day and the beginning of their relationship. I didn’t find it confusing because it tells you what time period you are in at the beginning of each chapter. I think it was a great way to keep the action spread throughout the book and also allowed you to see what led to where they are now. I kinda loved it.

Also, I would be first in line if they made this into a movie. Just throwing that out there.

If anybody has any similar book recommendations, I’m all ears. Until then, I’ve already added Saving Mr. Perfect and Seeking Mr. Wrong (Books 2 & 3) to my TBR list. I’m definitely going to want to go along for the ride.

Buy STEALING MR. RIGHT Here – (Kindle)

Buy STEALING MR. RIGHT Here – (Paperback)

I received an advance review copy of this book that I have chosen to review.


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