Grip by Kennedy Ryan (Flow #1)

5 Stars

This review is proving extremely difficult to do. I usually read at least 2 books at a time, but Grip refused to allow me to do that. I did the dishes in silence for a few days because my mind needed time to process this book. This book is FANTASTIC. That, I can say without hesitation.

It is hard to put into words how gratifying it is to see the familial reactions to an interracial relationship put into words. Yes, there is SO MUCH MORE to this book, and many major things happen within it, but what is sticking with me are the parts that I related to the most. Grip and Bristol weren’t attracted to each other because of their skin color, but because of the connection their souls had. I don’t think I’ve ever read an interracial romance book that focused so much on the connection instead what the couple looked like. I was able to focus on their romance instead of being constantly reminded of how differently they looked. It was pertinent to the situations they faced, but it wasn’t shoved in your face the entire book.

For clarity, I am not in an interracial relationship. I am a pale Irish/Czech American and my husband is a native of Mexico. On paper, we are both “white” but we have definitely experienced many of the reactions shown in this book. It has taken many years for both of our families to be completely “on-board” with our relationship.

Looking past the racial aspects of this book, it was a truly satisfying romance. Both the H/h were well-developed individuals. They were smart, successful and deeply affected by each other. This is definitely a gem. You have to read Flow first, and lucky for you, it’s free right now. You can read my original review for that one here.

Get FLOW Here – (Kindle)

Buy GRIP Here – (Kindle)

I received an advance review copy of this book that I have chosen to review.


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