Worth The Wait by Claudia Connor (McKinney/Walker #1)

4.5 Stars

Worth The Wait was completely worth it. I’m a sucker for romances with “special agent” type characters and Nick Walker was just right. I didn’t realize that this series was a spinoff series (and it’s lucky I didn’t). I usually try to skip “companion” series unless I’ve read the original series and if I had I would have missed out on what is sure to be a great series.

This is a standalone and I have never before read a book by Claudia Connor, but I had absolutely no problem falling in love with these characters within the first 10 minutes of reading. I had the goofiest smile on my face while Nick and Mia were getting to know each other. The single dad/brother thing was just so sweet. While reading I often want to know more about some of the “supporting characters”, it was a nice surprise to find out that their stories have already been published and I will be able to read their books without waiting for them to be released.

Buy WORTH THE WAIT Here – (Kindle)

I received an advance review copy that I have chosen to review.


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