Personal Post?!

This is outside my usual type of post. I rarely post anything regarding my personal life, but I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be putting my “book life” on the back burner for a few months.

I’m going to apologize in advance for not responding to comments and messages in the next few months. As of now, my plan is to try to respond to any correspondence once a week or so. I need to devote my free time to other things for a bit and hopefully things will return to normal soon.

I have many posts already scheduled, so stuff will still be going up… I just won’t really be as interactive as usual. My Bookstagram will probably be neglected the most because I won’t be taking time to take pictures.

I’m not accepting any new review requests right now, but if you are an author that has already sent me an ARC… I will still try to get to it close to its release date. I have some of your reviews already finished, but many more are not. I planned on reading more, instead of reading less, so some of your reviews may be a week or so after release date. I really am sorry about this.

I’m going to miss talking to you ladies, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to yall sooner rather than later.



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