Nico by Sarah Castille (Ruin & Revenge #1)

4.5 Stars!

I’ve never really read Mafia books. It doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not into bad guys being bad. I don’t like violence, torture, and murder. That’s just not my thing. I thought I might be missing out on something though, so I picked up a couple of Mafia type books to see how I actually feel about them. Not just what I assume, but really sitting down and getting into one of these stories.

The 1st one I read wasn’t good enough to post on my blog. Yes, I wrote a short review on it for GoodReads so I could remember why I wasn’t really into it but I thought that it was the end of Mafia stories for me. I figured they just weren’t my taste and almost skipped this one. I’m so lucky I didn’t.

“Although, if I met a dude so hot he made me want to rip off my panties, I might not care if he was a mob boss or an enemy soldier. Maybe I should stop wearing my comfy cotton briefs in case I meet a man like that. Satin and lace are easy to shred, but I’d probably lose a leg if I tried to tear off my Fruit of the Looms in a frenzy of lust”

Nico is the 1st book in Sarah Castille’s new Ruin & Revenge series. It was the 1st Mafia book I’ve loved, and I will definitely be in line to read the 2nd book, Luca, coming out in May 2017.

Nico releases December 6, 2016.

Pre-Order NICO Here – (Kindle)

Pre-Order NICO Here – (Paperback)

Pre-Order NICO Here – (Audio CD)

I received an advance reader copy of this book that I have chosen to review.


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