Transcendent by Katelyn Detweiler

3.5 Stars

This book is extremely hard to review. It’s definitely not what I expected when I started reading it, and that affected my feelings on it somewhat. This book shouldn’t be marketed as fantasy, because hearing that its a fantasy and then reading the blurb creates certain expectations as to how this book will play out. I do think it is a good book, but I also feel hoodwinked. If I had known what the book was really about then I probably wouldn’t have requested/read it. This reads more like general YA fiction which isn’t my cuppa.

Honestly speaking, I do think Transcendent is a good book, and I do think it has its audience, but they did themselves a disservice by marketing it the way they have. It shouldn’t be getting as low of reviews as it is getting. I found Iris to be an honest, believable character that I could relate to. She’s getting through life the best way she knows how given  what she finds out. She handles it with poise and grace after taking some time to herself to process the information. She handles everything better than I think most people would. Zane and Zoey were really important characters to include. They added some dimension and helped tie things together. They helped to put a face on tragedy, and not just the tragedy of Disney. They also portrayed the real struggles of homelessness and poverty while exemplifying the strength of sibling love.

This book makes you think. It has a large focus on belief and faith, as well as acceptance. It isn’t a religious book, and the main character doesn’t practice any sort of religion but she is forced to try to reconcile what she has known to be true her whole life with what the world and her parents are now saying about her. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but she manages.

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I received a copy of this book from Penguins First to read program in exchange for an honest review.




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