$1.99 BOOK Sale! Charlie N. Holmberg & Rebecca Zanetti

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet was a surprising 5 star read for me this year. It’s a departure from my usual fare, and I honestly picked it up because the cover is so gorgeous. Once inside, it’s such a magical read that I devoured it completely. It’s currently on sale for $1.99. You can read my original review here.





It is no secret that I absolutely adore pretty much everything Rebecca Zanetti writes. She writes extremely ALPHA males and I love them. I read Forgotten Sins and Fated in my pre-blogging days, so I don’t have a reviews for them. Mercury Striking is the 1st book in her most recent series. You can see my review for that one here. Fated  is the 1st book in the Dark Protectors series. In my opinion, it is the weakest book of the series, BUT Dark Protectors is my favorite adult paranormal romance series of all time. If you read Fated, and enjoy it enough to keep going, then you will be blown away with how each book weaves together. The last book in the series, Marked, has over 2900 reviews on GoodReads and still maintains a 4.5 Star average. That is incredible. Forgotten Sins and Mercury Striking are both on sale for $1.99. Fated is on sale for $2.99.

Buy FORGOTTEN SINS Here – (Kindle)

Buy MERCURY STRIKING Here – (Kindle)

Buy FATED Here – (Kindle)

The Realm Enforcers series is a spin-off of the Dark Protectors series. You can read my review for Wicked Ride but I haven’t reviewed the other 2 yet. Each book in the series is currently on sale for $1.99.

I don’t know how long any of these sales are for, and Amazon is known for its fluctuating prices so please be sure to double check the price before purchasing.

Buy WICKED RIDE Here – (Kindle)

Buy WICKED EDGE Here – (Kindle)

Buy WICKED BURN Here – (Kindle)


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