Lisa Renee Jones Book Sale!!

Deep Under by Lisa Renee Jones is currently $.99. It is a STANDALONE, but is also the 4th book in the Tall, Dark & Deadly series. I gave it 4 stars even though I hadn’t read the rest of the series yet. It was written well enough that I didn’t have to read to other books to still enjoy this one. The other books in the series are also on sale for $2.99 in a box set. I just picked those up for myself so I haven’t had a chance to read them. You can read my original review of Deep Under here.


Kyle, one of the alpha men of Walker Security, is hot, bothered, and intense, and when Myla lands in his line of fire, she’ll soon learn her secrets, and her passion, belong to him, from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

Myla is beautiful, a dove with clipped wings, captive by the wolf, a vicious drug lord. One look into her eyes and Kyle could see the pain, the fear…the desperation. Or so it seems. He’s been fooled before by a woman and it cost him everything and everyone he loved. He won’t be fooled again.

Make sure you check the price before you click buy! Prices on Amazon fluctuate often so the price may have changed since I posted this.

Purchase DEEP UNDER Here – (Kindle)

Purchase TALL, DARK AND DEADLY BOX SET Here – (Kindle)

The Tall, Dark and Deadly set says it is books 1-4, but it is actually books 1-3 + a lightly connected BONUS story. I can’t wait to dive into them and then reread Deep Under to get the full effect of the story arc.

I received a copy of Deep Under from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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