Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

4.5 Stars!

This book was an unexpected hit for me. This was my first F/F Romance, and I loved every word of it. I had pretty low expectations going in, but quickly realized how wrong I was. I know, I KNOW, never judge a book by its cover. But really, this book kept me up reading. I kept pushing myself to go to bed, but instead I kept saying one more chapter. That is my my ultimate definition of a good book.

Riya is a gorgeous, exotic volleyball player on scholarship. Courtney is a beautiful, rich dancer whose parents have high expectations of how they want her life to go. They were childhood best friends and shared a secret first kiss. Reuniting at summer camp is something neither expected.

I loved Riya. I loved Dee. I loved Colt. Really, this book was filled with great characters that all deserved their own books. I think the romance was well done, not explicit, and perfect for the age range. The prank war was so much fun and I loved the development of the characters as the book progressed. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for more Sarah Nicolas.

Keeping Her Secret is releasing August 22, 2016.

Pre-Order KEEPING HER SECRET Here – (Kindle)

Pre-Order KEEPING HER SECRET Here – (Paperback)

I received a copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



6 thoughts on “Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

      1. I tend to read more fanfic because there’s just more options there as opposed to professional publications, unfortunately. But I’ve read two I quite enjoyed – I like reading about lesbians in other genres like sci-fi/fantasy, which is why these two really appealed to me, but it depends on whether you’re a fan of the genre…

        The first is ‘The Abyss Surrounds Us’ by Emily Skrutskie (fyi, it’s not a standalone, this is part 1 in a new series) which is about a monster trainer kidnapped by pirates to raise a baby monster to defend their ship! 😀

        The other is ‘The House At The End Of The Street’ by Stephanie Kusiak which is about a woman moving into a haunted house and falling for the resident ghost. ^_^

        I have a whole list of books to get to, though! The one I’m super excited about is being released next month – Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, which is about a girl who takes on an intern job and inadvertently ends up working for a supervillain, lol, but it’s worth it since she’s working beside her crush, Abby. 😀

        And another upcoming release slated for November this year – Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst.

        Already released books:

        * Far From the World We Know by Harper Bliss

        * Coils by Barbara Ann Wright

        * The Scorpion Rules (Prisoners of Peace #1) by Erin Bow

        * Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

        * Sound (Salvage #2 – standalone) by Alexandra Duncan

        Aaand a ton of others I’m sure I’m forgetting…

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      2. Thanks so much for the recommendations!! The House at the End of the Street sounds interesting and I would agree that after reading the synopsis of Not Your Sidekick— I’m pretty excited about it as well. I love fantasy, and that sounds PERFECT. Really, thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction. I’ve written all those down and hope to get started on some of them soon.

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