Coming Home by Jourdyn Kelly (An LA Lovers Book)


This is the first book in the LA Lovers series. It is a standalone, though the characters from the next book make an appearance in this one, and vice versa. It’s told in alternating viewpoints that add an authenticity to the story that may have been missing if it had just been told in Blaise’s point of view.

I loved Blaise. She’s a cake eating, flower shop owning woman with a passion for life. Her relationship with her best friend was one of my favorite things and you just really wanted them BOTH to find Mr. Right. Her best friend is the heroine of book 2, so hopefully we find her happy ending soon.

Greyson was a little harder for me to fall for. On paper he’s amazing. He’s ex Delta Force and full of confidence and charisma. The fact that he was almost 40, and still living under the thumb of his controlling, cold hearted parents felt out of character for a man who otherwise seemed to know what he wanted.

Blaise and Greyson meet one hectic morning when Greyson parks in Blaise’s “flower shop van only” parking. He’s in her spot, and she’s in a hurry, so she blocks him in. They butt heads from the beginning, but there is an instant attraction that is undeniable (though Blaise tries her hardest to resist.) He pursues her relentlessly, and just as she’s beginning to soften to his advances she finds out about his soon to be “arranged” marriage. They are finally able to move past that, when another bomb drops. Then the book becomes a soap opera, complete with her being held captive, a kidnapping, and a murderous grandfather.

The crazy made me keep reading until the early hours of the morning, and I loved it. There were a few questions that were never answered, and while they weren’t MAJOR plot points… inquiring minds want to know. The first was her best friend’s “secret”. It was talked about throughout the book, but we never find out what it is. Also I was curious about the ancient plant that she recreates in the lab because of a special request. I was really fascinated by that, but it appears that it was a tie in from another series she authors…. so I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking that one up too. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and will be adding some of her other books to my to-be-read list.

My favorite scene in the whole book? In the car.

Greyson leaned towards her, essentially trapping her between a rock — him — and a hard place — the closed door that she seriously thought about opening even if it meant she’d fall out on her ass.

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Buy COMING HOME here – (Paperback)

I received this copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



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