Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti (The Scorpius Syndrome)

 4.5 STARS

Mercury Striking is the first book in Zanetti’s new “The Scorpius Syndrome” series.

Rebecca Zanetti is one of the few authors on my “auto buy” list. Literally, as soon a new book is announced, I pre-order it and then eagerly anticipate its release. Luckily for me, she seems to be a pretty prolific writer so even while I am catching up on her older works there is always new stuff coming out.

Lynne Harmony has trekked through post-plague America trying to elude the special forces looking for her. She is searching for the legendary Jax Mercury in gang and “ripper” infested Los Angeles and believes he’s her last hope. She’s tired of running and needs his help trying to find a way to stop the Scorpius bacteria. Jax is a modern day legend that was made famous during the early days of the plague when gang wars ensued. He is a former gang member turned Army special forces and he leads a small community in trying to survive.

Fascinated, he watched the blush deepen. When was the last time he’d seen a woman blush? He certainly hadn’t expected it from the woman who some thought had taken out most of the human race.

This is a romance, but the love story is secondary to the plot. It is at its forefront a post apocalyptic story set in an urban “war zone” where the heroine juggles eluding the government, trying to find a top secret lab, and a budding romance with a damaged hero.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Lynne Harmony. The second you crossed into Vanguard territory, the very moment you asked for my help, that’s exactly what you became.”

“What?” she asked, sounding breathless now.


That is my kind of man. Overall, this was a strong start to what I expect will be another great series. I was a little meh about the subject matter, but even though this isn’t exactly my kind of book. It kept me up at night reading, and that for me is the most important sign of a good book.

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